"Bitch, I'm flawless." --Astrella on her Twitter bio.

Astrella Devina
Vital statistics
Birthdate 30 September 1997
Horoscope Libra
Blood Type O+
Status Single
Physical attributes
Height 155 cm
Weight 43 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Mother Shierla Rusli
Father Gunawan Herman
Sibling(s) Verena Jevon

Additional Infos
In-Class Position Creativity Section

Astrella A.K.A the Mad Scientist

Long time ago, there was an incident on area 54, a secret laboratory known as the Bio-lab. A certain fatal-dangerous virus are broken free and spread faster than light speed. The virus can cause someone dead instantly, that's why the virus are called Thanatos Pluto ; while the incident's called Hades incident. There are only one survivor, who manage to stay alive because she is in the middle of her vacation; Astrella, the scientist who create the virus or called as the mad scientist. She felt responsible of her project, so she join the Science 316 to find the cure of the virus.