Philip A.K.A the Homo Maniac

Philip Sultan
Vital statistics
Birthdate 15th July 1997
Horoscope Cancer
Blood Type unknown
Status In Relationship
Physical attributes
Height 172 cm
Weight 72 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Also Black
Mother Rosa Sultan
Father Jaya Sultan
Sibling(s) Patricia Sultan

Additional Infos
In-Class Position Sexual Section

Philip was a most wanted person on earth, because of his crime. He has tried to steal some virginity of almost hundreds of girls. But he got caught by S.C.I.E.N.T.S. (Scientific Crime Investigation Exclusively Trained Security).

After several years, he sets free by S.C.I.E.N.T.S with some conditions. Now, He joins Science 316 to find his true past memories.

Personality Edit

Philip doesn't care about anything but the people he loved. When he focused, he couldn't be reached; this is shown when he focused on his laptop, no one is able to talk to him even the teacher and the other Science 316's characters.