Bitch, i'm fucking Fabulous - Yulianto Wijaya

Yulianto Wijaya
Vital statistics
Birthdate 2nd July 1997
Horoscope Cancer
Blood Type Unknown
Status In Relationship
Physical attributes
Height 1 km
Weight 2 tons
Eye Color black or so
Hair Color black too
Mother Bong Mini
Father Iwan Suratman
Sibling(s) Diana Suratman

Additional Infos
In-Class Position Religious Section

Yulianto Wijaya a.k.a The Most handsome amazing great super ultimately awesome bastard who like singing.

Yulianto was an ancient artist who lived from 743 BC and got stuck on a huge chunk of ice. During the global warming, the ice melt away and the last ancient artist sets free. This creature swam from arctic region to Indonesia in order to find his tribe, but he found nothing. However, he never give up; he join Science 316 in order to find his tribe, the lost civilization.

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